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Home Of Silver AM GCH CN CH Annisquam Light's Perfect Gentleman, CGC

  • Two Time Newfoundland Club of America TOP 20 Winner
  • Newfoundland Club of America Award of Merit Winner
  • Newfoundland Club of Canada Award of Merit Winner

Our Newfoundland Puppies have Arrived!

We are very proud of our Newfoundland pups. Please visit our Newfound Litters page to see the photos!

Holistic Newfoundland Breeder: Annisquam Light NewfoundlandsAnnisquam Light Newfoundlands is a small, family owned kennel set in the heart of the North Shore in Gloucester, Massachusetts where nautical history abounds. Our newfs are bred to epitomize the standards of the Newfoundland breed. We raise our newfies in their natural environment by the sea with love, commitment and devotion—the very same qualities our Newfoundlands provide us in return.

We breed our Newfoundlands selectively for temperament, conformation and working ability. Our newfs live in the house with us as our companions and play an active role in our family life. Our newfies compete in agility, obedience and field events as well as in therapy dog programs. Newfoundlands are easy keepers, moderate in energy and excellent workers.

I own and operate The Russell Center for Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in Beverly, MA and my newfies go to work with me on a regular basis and play a huge role as therapy dogs in my business. Newfoundlands make terrific greeters! Our newfs have been featured in the media and have the sweet, mellow and versatile temperament that is the hallmark of the Newfoundland breed.

Annisquam Light Newfoundlands holds memberships in Newfoundland Club of America, Newfoundland Club of New England, and the Canadian Kennel Club.

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